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A reference in aerospace industry.

FSP-one has been qualified by Airbus for the commercial aviation program since its beginning in the 1970s.

For 20 years our Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wires and stranded wires have been supporting aircraft weight reduction.

Our high strength copper alloys (HSCA Green6 & Green8) open up new perspectives for aircraft manufacturers thanks to their high mechanical performance.

Aeronautics and aerospace markets:

  • Commercial aircrafts:

Data bus, infotainment, EM shielding, motor, high voltage, high frequency

Nickel plated (standard thickness and 27%)

Silver plated

  • Military aircrafts and helicopters

Silver plated

  • Space: Satellites, launchers

Silver plated (2 or 3µm thickness)


Our solutions : Green8 High Strength Copper Alloy

                           Copper Clad Aluminum 15% (CCA)


EN9100 CertificationEN 9100